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MHT Viewer Pro is a specialized Windows software application for managing the contents of .MHT or MHTML files. You can also open .PST, .OST, .MSG, .EML and Winmail.dat files. Download a free trial today. 

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Requires Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8
MHT Viewer will let you browse, search, and print MHTML files

Can convert Email files (.pst, .msg, .eml) to .MHTML for archiving.

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What is a .MHT or MHTML file?

MHT or MHTML is short for Mime HTML. It is a web page archive format that combines resources (text, images, audio, etc) that are typically conveyed by external links into a single file.  The content is encoded as if were a HTML email message using MIME type "multipart/related." 

MHTML or MHT files are useful for storing multi-part web pages or email messages as a single file.

Applications such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Word and Opera give these files the extension of .MHT, and thus they are often referred to as either MHT or MHTML files.

MHTML is a proposed standard circulated as RFC-2557.

MHT Viewer can open and display .MHT files, and even convert MHT to PDF. Although many web browsers can also display .MHT/MHTML files, MHT Viewer saves you time by letting you to easily browse a directory of files using your up or down arrow key, rather than having to open each file individually.

MHT Viewer Features

The latest version of MHT Viewer Pro lets you:

  • Open .MHT and .MHTML Files
  • View .OST, .PST, .MSG and .EML files
  • Browse a folder with .MHT files
  • Convert .MHT to .PDF
  • Search directories with thousands of files
  • Print .MHT and other email files
  • Rename files on export