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Windows software for Mht/Mhtml File Management

Also opens email files such as Outlook .pst, .ost, .msg,  and .mbox, .eml, winmail.dat.

MhtViewer Pro is also known as PstViewer Pro.  Same great software,

combined to deliver even more useful features.

15 Day Free Trial

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Requires Microsoft Windows 11/10, 8 GB Ram, 3 Ghz Processor, 2 GB  Disk.  Install/Uninstall support is available.  View the EULA.

View, Browse, Print and Convert .MHT/.MHTML files!


Mht Viewer Software menu.

Open MHT Files with PstViewer Pro By Encryptomatic LLC. 
PstViewer Pro is a specialized Windows software app for managing the contents of .MHT or MHTML files. It also opens common email file types including .PST, .OST, .MSG, .EML and Winmail.dat files. Download a free trial today.





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Learn how to convert MHT files to PDF using PstViewer Pro software for Microsoft Windows.

PstViewer Pro is a multi-format email viewer.

Use it to open, search and convert email files, including Outlook .pst, .ost, .msg, and Thunderbird .eml files. 

PstViewer Pro also works with MHT and MHTML files.


View MHT Files

As support for the MHT format wanes, you will continue to be able to view and print them on your Windows PC.



Search MHT Files

Search through hundreds or thousands of MHT or MHTML files for to find those that are of interest.



Convert Mht Files

Convert .MHT files to PDF, image formats, CSV, and more!  

Can also convert e-mail files (.pst, .msg, .eml) to .MHTML for archiving.