Viewing MHT/MHTML Files with Pst Viewer Pro by Encryptomatic

Have you ever received files that contain web pages and emails all tangled up? Well, there’s a helpful tool called Pst Viewer Pro, created by Encryptomatic LLC, which can assist you in easily viewing these types of files. This tool is particularly useful for looking at MHT/MHTML files, which are special files that combine web pages and emails.

Here’s how you can use Pst Viewer Pro to explore these files, step by step:

  1. Get Pst Viewer Pro:
    To begin, you’ll need to get Pst Viewer Pro. You can easily download and install it from the official Encryptomatic LLC website. Keep in mind that this tool is compatible only with Windows computers.
  2. Open Pst Viewer Pro:
    Once you have installed it, launch the Pst Viewer Pro program on your Windows computer.
  3. Import the MHT/MHTML File:
    Click on the “File” menu and select “Open.” Locate the MHT/MHTML file you wish to examine on your computer. Choose the file and click “Open.”
  4. View the File:
    Pst Viewer Pro will now display the contents of the MHT/MHTML file. This could include text, images, and various other elements. You can navigate through the content, similar to how you browse the internet.
  5. Interact with the Content:
    You can interact with the content within the MHT/MHTML file just like you would with a regular web page. Click on links, view images, and explore the document’s structure seamlessly.
  6. Explore Additional Features:
    Pst Viewer Pro provides some advanced features. You can search for specific words, extract text, print the file, and even convert it into a different file format, such as a PDF.
  7. Save or Convert (Optional):
    If needed, you have the option to save or convert the MHT/MHTML file into a different format using the “File” menu. Pst Viewer Pro offers various export options to suit your needs.

In summary, Pst Viewer Pro by Encryptomatic LLC is a valuable tool for effortlessly viewing MHT/MHTML files. While it is designed exclusively for Windows computers, it offers a user-friendly experience for examining combined web pages and emails. With its ability to display and interact with the content, as well as its advanced features, Pst Viewer Pro simplifies the process of working with these unique file formats.

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